3D CNC coordinate measuring machine  
Product: Zeiss / Typ WMM850
X-axis: 33.464 in
Y-axis: 47.244 in
Z-axis: 23.622 in
Measuring head VAST XT: tactile and scanning


3D CNC coordinate measuring machine  
To ensure the tolerances during the production
Product: Zeiss / Typ DuraMax
X-axis: 19.685 in
Y-axis: 19.685 in
Z-axis: 19.685 in
Measuring head VAST XXT TL3: tactile and scanning


Contour measuring machine  
High-precision linear axes with integrated drive;
Integrated roughness software
Product: Optacom / Typ LC-10
Measuring range: 8.858 in x 8.858 in
Y-table: 3.346 in x 0.984 in